Celebrate the joy of Easter

this year with this brand new tradition, Carrot Saves Easter!

A New Adventure Awaits

All About Carrot

Learn all about Carrot and his adventure to help the Easter Bunny save Easter and spread good deeds all over the world!

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Take home your bunny helper and make them your own by giving them a name. Then you can tell them your good deeds every day or evening and help get the magical candy factory running again and save Easter!

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About the Book

This brand new tradition is celebrated in an oversized illustrated storybook that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

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Carrot Saves Easter will be a tradition all families can celebrate for years to come!

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All About Carrot and Friends!


Bunny Helper

Easter B

The Head Cheese


There are many bunny helpers waiting to be adopted by you and your family today!


Easter Island is full of wonder!


The candy factory pumps all day and night when fueled by good deeds done by you and others!

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Carrot Saves Easter is a new Easter tradition, telling the story of a very special bunny helper, Carrot, and his quest to help the Easter Bunny restore the magic of the candy factory that makes the sweets for all the good boys and girls every year!

But this year the factory is running slow, The Good Deed Meter is low! The Easter Bunny grows sad and worried, but Carrot sets out on an adventure to spread good deeds and save Easter! Follow Carrot on his journey and celebrate with your own Bunny Helper to record all your child's good deeds to fill the Good Deed Meter before Easter!

Take home your very own Bunny Helper to help the magical candy factory on Easter Island start running again!

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The chief web site bunnies at Carrot Saves Easter would love to hear all the stories and good deeds all kids have been doing with the aid of their bunny helpers to fill the good deeds meter in time for Easter!

If you have any general questions you can also reach out!